Roman Forum Neighborhood. Molinete


It is an archaeological site which covers an entire city block in the center of the Roman city of Cartago. It harbours the Atrio building, devoted to the holding of religious banquets; baths with sand, place where the physical activity was carried out; and several rooms where its walls and pictorial decoration are shown. This archaeological ensemble dates from the first century and is part of a thermal resort. The therms are a series of cold, mild and hot rooms; the latter heated by ovens located in the street which delimitates the neighborhood. The rests of such ovens can be visited in the Decumano, nowadays, a commercial building.

Furthermore, this interesting place can also be seen from the outside, while tasting the classic ‘tapa & caña’ and listening to the tour guide explaining in great detail the history of this place. Added to this, live music can be listened from a terrace located on the top of the hill of the Molinete (situated in the north of this neighborhood).

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Roman Forum Neighborhood. Molinete

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