Here you will find all the information you need to know before purchasing any of my digital products or contracting my services.

I am going to inform you about the rights you have as a buyer and the conditions that I have defined when purchasing these products and services, so that they comply with your rights and can provide you with the maximum guarantees in your purchase.

Personally, I believe that transparency is the key in all commercial transactions, and on this page you will find all the information that affects your purchase or contract. Please don’t stop reading it.

What I want is for everything to be very clear between you and me before making any transaction. I have made sure to comply with all legal obligations in order to guarantee all your rights as a consumer.

These contract conditions govern the relationship between Sergio Gonzalez Valero (me as provider) and all users who purchase products or hire my personal services through the blog, and will be binding from the moment any economic transaction is carried out on this website.

Seller Identification

As a consumer, you should always know who you are buying from and who you should complain to in case something has not gone as expected. Therefore, the first obligation that those of us who sell on the Internet have is to be transparent about our identity.

By virtue of the provisions of Law 34/2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE), I have to offer you the following information and I am delighted to do so!

– My Name: Sergio Gonzalez Valero

– My company name is: Planout

– My NIF is: 23000324W

– My registered office is at: C/ Alcalde Amancio Muñoz, 52, 3o I Cartagena (30230), Murcia, Spain

– My social activity is: Tourist Services

As a user, you can only access and contract these services after reading and accepting these contract conditions.

By accepting these conditions as a user you are bound by these terms which, together with my privacy policy, govern our business relationship.

And as the person responsible for this website, Sergio Gonzalez Valero, I reserve the right to modify or change these conditions at any time. But don’t worry, because if the modifications constitute a material change to the terms, I will notify you by posting an announcement on Planout.

I also remind you that the products I offer and the services I provide are only available to legal entities and people who are at least 18 years of age.

Acceptance and acceptance testing

In the case of my products, you must go to the corresponding sales page and click on the “BUY NOW”, “Buy” or “I want it!” button. (as applicable) that appear on the website and that express full acceptance of each and every one of the Contract Conditions as shown on this Planout page before purchasing the product.

As a condition for placing any order, you will see that after selecting the product, payment is made securely through PayPal, thus completing the purchase process.

In the case of my services, you must go to the page of the service in question and contact me with a message through the form that you will find on that page, the sending of which expresses total acceptance of each and every one of the Contract Conditions as and when as shown on this Planout page before contracting the service.

And in this case, in addition to PayPal, it is also allowed to pay by bank transfer, ending the payment process when you receive said transfer.

Important: you do not need to register with PayPal to make payments

From the moment of acceptance of the purchase, the user acquires the status of my Client, Sergio Gonzalez Valero.

Validation of the purchase or contract

– In the case of my products, the purchase validation process is automatic. As soon as you make the payment, you will receive a confirmation from PayPal and a receipt of your purchase that includes instructions for accessing the course content you have purchased.

– In the case of my services, the contract validation process will be done when we reach a written agreement (normally an email) to start the service. As soon as you make the payment as we have agreed (complete or partial), you will receive a confirmation from me that I have started the contracted service and the invoice for it once it is completed.

Delivery times

-In the case of my products, shipments of instructions and access codes to the products will be made automatically once payment is made through PayPal.

– In the case of my services, the period will depend on what was agreed before starting the service and the availability that you have as a client to respond to the needs of the service, always with a maximum completion period of 30 calendar days.

Conditions and payment methods

As a user/buyer, you agree to pay the price of the products purchased on in these accepted payment methods:

– Paypal (for products and services)

– Bank transfer (only for services)

– Metallic, for activities 1-10 people

No other payment method is accepted

– In the case of my products, payment is always in advance and 100% of the order. Once paid, the product data is sent immediately.

– In the case of my services, payment will be as agreed before starting, being able to pay 100% of the service in advance or 20% in advance and the rest at the end of the service.


– The prices applied to each product or service are those indicated on its corresponding page, including all VAT (Value Added Tax) for transactions within Spanish territory. Common VAT system of the European Union. It is important that you know this if you live outside of Spain.

– In accordance with the provisions of Law 37/1992, of December 28, regulating VAT and European Directive 2008/8/EC, the operation may be exempt or not subject to it depending on the country of residence of the buyer and the condition in which the same acts (businessman/professional or individual). Consequently, in some cases the final price of the order may be altered compared to what appears on the corresponding page.

The price of the products and services offered on Planout include Spanish VAT.

However, the final price of your order may vary depending on the VAT tax rate applied to the order.

For orders destined for other countries in the European Union, Spanish VAT will be deducted and the VAT tax rate corresponding to the destination country will be applied. The final price will appear during your order confirmation and will reflect the VAT tax rate corresponding to the country of destination of the products.


The language of the content offered within the products and services is Spanish and English.


The content offered in the products and services may be activities, guided tours, accommodation and boat rentals.

Commitments of Sergio Gonzalez Valero

I, Sergio Gonzalez Valero, undertake to provide the contracted services once your request for services has been approved and payment is made in the manner described in Payment Methods in these general contracting conditions.

In my case, I can terminate or suspend any or all of the contracted services immediately, without prior notice or liability, in the event that you do not comply with the conditions set forth herein.

The following will be causes for contract dissolution:

– The falsehood, in whole or in part, of the data provided in the process of contracting any service.

– Lack of payment.

– Failure to comply with the client’s response times to the information requested and necessary for the development of the service.

– Alter, circumvent, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or alter in any way the security technology provided by me.

– Also cases of abuse of support services due to the requirement of more hours than those established in the contract.

Dissolution implies the loss of your rights over the contracted service.

Buyer’s rights: Guarantee, Commercial Withdrawal and Data Protection


If you wish to cancel the contract for the service for any reason, you must send me the withdrawal request that you will find below as long as I have not started providing the service to you.

If so, you can cancel the service within the first 7 calendar days from when said service begins. In that case, 80% of the price will be refunded if 100% of the price was paid at the beginning. And nothing will be returned if only 20% of the price was paid at the beginning of the service.

Commercial withdrawal

“Withdrawal is the power that a consumer of a good has to return it to the store within a legal period of 14 days, without having to plead or give any explanation in this regard or suffer a penalty.”

Well, this is perfect in the case of tangible products, but in the case of tourist products or services like the ones I offer on my website, things change. The withdrawal period for digital content products, as in this case, will be suspended as soon as a customized personalized service is provided or the keys are used to access the digital content.

In the case of my services, due to their nature, it is not possible to return or withdraw from the contracted services once they have been provided. If you wish to cancel the contract for the service for any reason, you must send me the withdrawal request that you will find below within the first 14 calendar days and as long as you have not started developing the service.

If you only paid a 20% advance when you started, there will be no refund.

All services provided to you, by their nature, will survive dissolution if paid for in full, including without limitation ownership provisions, warranty disclaimers, indemnity and limitations of liability.

Refunds corresponding to payments made through PayPal or bank transfer will be made through the same channel. I will refund the amount within the next 14 calendar days from the date on which you inform me of your decision to withdraw.

You can exercise this right without problem by sending me the form below.

Claim or Withdrawal Form Model

The user may make claims, returns or withdrawals by sending an email to indicating their name and surname, the product purchased and explaining the reasons for the claim or by using the following withdrawal form (you can copy and paste the form in Word, fill it out and send it by email or postal mail).

For the attention of Sergio Gonzalez Valero

C/ Alcalde Amancio Muñoz, 52, 3o I Cartagena (30230), Murcia, Spain

I hereby inform you that I claim / withdraw from the contract for the following product / service:

Purchased/contracted on the day:

In case of complaint, indicate the reason:

You are also notified that according to article 29 of Law 16/2011, of June 24, on credit contracts, since I have withdrawn from the contract for the supply of goods/services and it was financed totally/partially through a linked credit, I will leave to be bound by said credit contract without any penalty.

Indicate your name as consumer and user:

Indicate your address as a consumer and user:

Indicate the date on which you claim/withdraw from the contract:

Sign your claim/withdrawal request if it is notified to Sergio Gonzalez Valero in paper format:

(Place), on ……………………………… of …………………….. of 20……..


At Planout this is a topic that I take very seriously.

On this website, by virtue of the LOPD (Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on Protection of Personal Data), the following is guaranteed:

– The confidentiality of the personal data provided by the CLIENT for access to the products and the development of the contracted services

– The non-use of said data for a purpose other than the scope of the activity subscribed to in this contract.

– The non-transfer of data to persons outside the fulfillment of the agreements derived from the provision of the service

As parties to this agreement, we must undertake to strictly maintain the confidentiality of the information provided in the development of this contract, not reselling it to anyone by any means without the prior written consent of the other party, unless such information is known. public or is legally required by any judicial or administrative authority in the exercise of its functions.

European Consumer Regulations

In case you didn’t know, I inform you that the European Commission has created the first platform at European level for the resolution of conflicts in online commerce and protected by the latest consumer law.

In this sense, and as the person in charge of a blog with online sales systems, I have the duty to inform my users about the existence of this online platform for alternative dispute resolution. And you can use it from this link to make any claim related to the electronic transactions you make on this website.

Intellectual property

The content available in each of the infoproducts or services marketed on this website constitutes a work of intellectual property whose rights correspond to its author Sergio Gonzalez Valero, and are protected by international laws and conventions.

Any form of reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation, making available, and in general, any other act of public exploitation referring to both the products and the services and their respective contents is prohibited without the express and prior written consent of the Author, Sergio Gonzalez Valero.

Any act by virtue of which Users of the services or content can exploit or use commercially, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, any of the contents, images, forms, indices and other formal expressions that are part of the Website is prohibited. products or services without prior written permission from Sergio Gonzalez Valero. Specifically, but not exclusively, the following are prohibited:

– The acts of reproduction, distribution, exhibition, transmission, retransmission, broadcast in any form of the materials of the products or services.

– Storage on physical or logical media, digitization or making available from databases other than those belonging to those authorized by Sergio Gonzalez Valero.

– The translation, adaptation, arrangement or any other transformation of said products or services, images, forms, indexes and other formal expressions that are made available to Users through the contents, as long as such acts are subject to legislation. applicable in matters of intellectual, industrial property or image protection.


By using the contents and services of this website, you accept the conditions set out here, being subject to the current legal regulations of Spanish legislation for any possible conflict or legal dispute, which will be processed before the relevant courts of Murcia.

However, in those cases in which the user is considered a consumer, as established in article 3 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of November 16, which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for Defense of Consumers and Users, Sergio Gonzalez Valero will expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the courts that are competent according to the legislation in force at all times.