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Our kite surf lessons for 3 days will enable you to learn all the necessary basics of the kitesurfing practice,  also how to control the kite on the sea, how to move on the sea with the kite, how to get up on the board and start riding. This kitesurf or kite surf course will make you move forward on the water, with the board on your feet, while using the kite as a traction tool.

One time you manage to get up on the board and ride both directions (to go and to come back to the shore), while controlling your way and your speed and start to feel the wind. With this one week kite surf course you will become a kitesurfer who is able to kite on his own safely, enjoy several amazing places and check the weather every day looking for wind!!

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    Adrenaline rush!!!, very friendly people and a perfect place to practice Kyte …. in short …. perfect !!!Xx

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Kite Surf Planout

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    Kite Surf Planout

    If you already know how to practice kitesurf, our professional teacher will explain you some tricks for become pro. Our course for three days (2hours p.d.) , enjoying The Mediterranean Sea and The Mar Menor. Always checking the weather.

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