Ibiza is a place full of amazing beaches to relax and discover yourself feeling the magic of this awesome island. Here you’ve got 10 of the most qualified beaches you can find there.

The island of Eivissa (officially known in Spain as Ibiza) is one of the most important islands that conforms the Spanish territory, belonging to the Balearic archipelago – together with Majorca, Minorca, Formentera and Cabrera. In fact, Eivissa together with Formentera, form the Pitiusas archipelago.

Apart from its recognition due to its festive atmosphere and its discotheques, which are proved to be a powerful strategy to attract tourism and young visitors, Eivissa is appreciated as an island of worldwide fame because of the beauty of its coasts and inlets, as well as its crystalline, emerald waters and its white sand beaches. In this entry, we will offer some of the most prestigious and famous beaches of Eivissa:

• Aigües Blanques: also known in Spanish as Aguas Blancas, this is one of the island’s official nudist beaches – but nudism is not a compulsory factor to stay there!

Another relevant aspect of this small, but paradisiacal beach is that you can also enjoy its mud baths which are said to have beneficial effects on the skin.

• Cala Xarraca: located in the north of the island, this inlet is especially appreciated by those diving lovers, since the transparency of its waters results an idyllic aspect to develop properly this activity. Moreover, Cala Xarraca is divided into two sections, separated by a steep cliff: to the right direction, we can find a long stretch totaling 100 meters in length, sheltered from the wind by the cliff; to the left direction, there is a small space that some visitors use as a nudist beach.

But that’s not all! Cala Xarraca also has the privilege to have a small islet, easily accessible by swimming, which harbours a wide variety of sea life.

• Cala Bassa: it might be one of the best inlets seen in Eivissa, because of its deep blue sea and its warm water. As it is always especially crowded, Cala Bassa offers a great amount of nautical activities to entertain its visitors, and also counts with the presence of a beach bar to supply the necessities of its bathers.

• Cala D’Hort: apart from being recognized as an extraordinary beach, Cala D’Hort was officially declared as a Natural Park in 2002. Some of its main attractions for tourists are: the presence of the impressive islet Es Vedrà – creating an illusion of secretism and magic –, its stunning scenery – especially its sunsets – and also its various restaurants, where you can taste some of the island’s delicatessens.

• Cala Benirràs: Benirràs is Eivissa’s most famous beach, constituting a unique virgin beach due to its natural environment, its crystal clear water and its hippy atmosphere, fostered by “Benirràs’ Drums Party” – this is a sort of festival (normally taking place on Sundays) in which a good number of hippies meet to play their drums.

Its biodiversity is also an important device for those diving lovers to attend.

• Cala Conta: Cala Conta is considered another of the preferred beaches chosen by both tourists and Eivissa’s inhabitants. Its crystal clear waters and pearly-white sand make it the perfect environment where bathers can enjoy their holidays or spare time, and it is for this reason that it is always full of people, especially during the summer months.

• Sa Caleta: this small beach has a very special feature, which is its red sand; but also includes other aspects, such as the natural environment surrounding it – constituted by pine trees – and the fact that this beach is mainly composed by rocks.

Due to its different marine environment, surrounded by pine trees and steep cliffs, it offers a very tranquil and comfortable refugee for those bathers that enjoy loneliness rather than crowded spaces.

• Cala Jondal: this beach is a real treat for the eye for numerous reasons: principally, its waters are characterized by its permanent transparency, its perfect temperature and its neatness! All these aspects make it a privileged location for diving. Nevertheless, as a tourist there, you shall be careful in terms of where you put your feet at every step. Why? Cala Jondal is also characterized by its còdols (big “river” stones), which complicate the action of going into the sea, but their entrance walkways allow its difficult first stretch.

Another major beneficial aspect of Cala Jondal is the presence of several beach bars, restaurants and the famous beach club, Blue Marlin, a cocktail lounge for music and beverage lovers.

• Cala Vedella: this great bay is located in one of the most relevant touristic places of Eivissa, which offers privileged location due its mountainous surroundings. This is a perfect environment for foreign visitors, since it is perfectly prepared to welcome a great amount of tourists thanks to its numerous restaurants, hotels and leisure areas.

• San Antonio: previously known as an antique village for peasants and fishermen, this town has become Eivissa’s main tourist attraction. Despite its beaches don’t have the same recognition as the aforementioned, San Antonio has many other appeals: for example, its wonderful sunsets and the party atmosphere that characterizes it – the main attraction for young English students/tourists.

We shall thank the very relevant information provided by the touristic web-pages, TurismoIbiza (https://www.turismoibiza.com/) and IbizaIsla (http://www.ibizaisla.es/), which have made this entry possible.

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