Please read our frequently asked questions and find an answer that will help you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us (via telephone, WhatsApp, chat..).

How does the rental work?

Having chosen the boat and checked the availability via web or phone, it is understoot that the dates will be blocked from the moment the company receives a bank transfer.

What is included in the price of renting a boat PlanOut Ibiza?

VAT of 21 % – Payment for ship rent.- rental mooring in port.- Insurance .* In PlanOut boats will be on board complimentary drinks and snacks (not unlimited).


The itinerary can be chosen by the customer without prior notice to the company, even if they do not have skipper, we will offer our customers certain references and recommendations that should be taken into account (sea state, jellyfish, etc). In case of having contracted the charter with skipper, the client can express his preferences and relocate whenever he wants, because the skipper will be at complete disposal, but he may impose a decision for security reasons, since he is the ultimate responsible for the passage.

Which is the duration of the charter?

Boarding takes place between 17 and 18 hours and arrival to port, no later than 10:00, must have previously refueled or refund the amount of fuel consumed. If for some reason you want a different schedule, you should ask a member of the company as soon as possible (and always before setting sail), allowing the company to collect financial penalty if the delay is significant.


Once a reservation is formalized on behalf of a client, it will be considered a firm reservation and if the client could not take the charter, all payments made to date will be lost.. In the event that the agency could provide an alternative customer, a 10% cancellation fee will be charged.

What should we bring with us for the charter?

Useful items to pack:

  • mobile phones – these work in the Mediterranean, & 12v car charger,
  • sun hat / cap,
  • sunglasses – with a neck strap to stop them going overboard,
  • non-slip deck shoes,
  • high factor, waterproof sunscreen.
  • keen swimmers should bring their own fins and masks although these items can be obtained locally they are only of holiday quality,
  • travel wash and liquid soap are always handy,
  • scented nappy bags are useful for toilet paper which must never be flushed down the yacht’s toilet,
  • Passports and copies of any relevant qualifications.

I just got the title recently and I don’t know whether to hire a skipper or going on my own

Our experience shows that if you just got the title and it is the first time, it is advisable to go with skipper. He will be able to show you (if you prefer he can be beside you and explain everything), the island of Ibiza, that has many low rocks that at first sight are unseen and can be a bit dangerous. On the other hand, if it is the first time that you are in Ibiza and Formentera, he will take you to the best beaches and unspoiled places of the island.

What happens if we are stuck elsewhere due to bad weather and fail to get the boat back in time?

We expect all our charterers to keep an eye on weather forecasts, via VHF every few hours on channel 16 and on display in every port or marina. This is a normal responsibility of a skipper when sailing anywhere. We would then expect an appropriate course of action in order to get the boat back, but do not want or expect the skipper to sail in conditions which are beyond the capabilities of the crew or the boat. We would , in these circumstances expect the skipper to contact us as soon as the situation arises, and we will arrange a professional skipper to bring the boat back to our base at the charterers’ cost.

What will we do in case of an accident?

The most important is act responsibly to avoid damage personal or materials older and advise as soon as possible our ​​responsible for the base or any team member PlanOut should help you at all times. It is always helpful to take pictures of what happened and in case of other personalities or boats involved, take note of his contact.

How much do marina and port fees cost?

As anywhere in the world, fees relate to boat size. Marinas, which are often Club Nauticos (Yacht Clubs), are more expensive than port authority moorings, but will often include extra facilities such as use of swimming pools and club showers, toilets, restaurants etc The fees will also change with the seasons, the high season is normally May to October. Typical marina fees for low season would be around 3-4 euros per night per metre, rising to 6-8 euro in high season. Port authority fees are much less and typically around half that of a marina. The facilities will not be as comprehensive, but are normally perfectly adequate, and will usually have access to water and electricity. Anchoring almost anywhere is permitted except in areas explained in the pilot book, and is FREE !! The real beauty of chartering in these islands is the plentiful supply of “Calas” and lovely bays, where anchoring overnight is just fabulous. There is also the opportunity to take a mooring buoy at Cabrera Island, which requires a permit, but is FREE . We can organise a permit for you, free of charge.

Can we get internet access?

Internet access is free within our home base, as it is in many marinas and ports around the islands. Many cafes and bars also have wi-fi available free of charge.

Ibiza & Formentera Ports:

Marina Ibiza –
Marina Botafoch –
Puerto deportivo de Santa Eulalia –
Puerto deportivo de San Antonio –
Marina de Formentera –
Formentera Mar –
Boyas de Salinas ( Ibiza) y Espalmador (Formentera) –